View Full Version : The definition and difference of the Finnish words huhta and kaski

02-06-13, 07:43
Syrene asked the following on Facebook:

I'm stuck on what the difference is between Huhta and Kaski. Both seem to be translated as Svedjebruk. But I am trying to apply one to birch forest and one to pine forest. How does that sort out?

I always thought they were synonyms but... according to this document in Finnish http://www.rskl.se/kurssimateriaalit2012/Kaskiviljely.pdf "huhta" is a "kaski" done to a fir dominated wood. Thus I understand that "kaski" or "kaskenpoltto" is more a universal word for the phenomena. "Slash & burn".

Is this correct?

Also this document in Swedish could prove informative.



02-06-13, 16:59
Many thanks! That's a big helep.