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19-10-13, 19:38
Hello everyone, and thank you for allowing me to join this group. My grandparents came to Ontario, Canada in the early 1900's from Finland. My grandmother came from Reisjärvi. I have no information at all on her side of the family. She was a Mankinen and her mother was a Lintula. My grandfather's side came from Sotkamo. Their original name before coming to Canada was Mikkonen and also Mickonen before changing it to Mikkola.

June Pelo
20-10-13, 02:25
Welcome to the Forum. Are you searching for information about your grandmother? Do you have some names and dates that would help with the search for your people. We have some good "searchers" and if they had a little more to work with, they might come up with something.

20-10-13, 12:43
My grandmothers full name is Iida Eliina Mankinen born Jan 1, 1900 in Reisjärvi. Her father's name is Heikki Mankinen and her mother's name is Mataleena Lintula. My grandmother did marry a man named Wilhelmi Kotila and they had a son (my half uncle Lauri Kotila. They came to Canada in 1923 and then soon after that she met my grandfather. That is all the information that I have on her. I was told from some people in a Facebook group that her information is too recent to search for.