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08-11-13, 00:07
I'm new to this Forum and I'm hoping to find out more information David Oskar Nurmi-Marjamäki, my paternal grandfather. He was born sometime in 1882. His passport lists Noormarkku as his home parish and lists him as a crofter's son. He left Hanko, Finland on 11 Mar 1903 bound for Biwabik, Minn, USA.

He died in a mine accident in Butte, Montana in 1917 so very little is known about him, his parents or where he came from and why he left (other than 1903 was in the middle of the great migration).

Thanks in advance for any information,

James M Driskell

08-11-13, 03:30
David Oskar, born 10.9.1882, Lassila, Noormarkku; parents Kalle (Karl) Fredrik Marjamäki and Kaisa Isakintytär (Isaksdotter)

Shown with parents and siblings, Noormarkku Rippikirja, 1879-1888

08-11-13, 03:46
Noormarkku Rippikirja, 1889-1898; Tp. (Torpare) (Crofter, Tenant Farmer), Kalle Fredrik Adaminpoika, born 14.4.1843, Påmark (Pomarkku); wife Kaisa Isakintytär, born 5.7.1840, Norrmark (Noormarkku). All of their children shown were born in Noormarkku.

Karl Fredrik, born 10.4.1843, out of wedlock, Klåsmark, Pomarkku; mother Caisa Lisa Davidsdr, age 20 http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4v95lr?en+0409+kastetut+1998

Caisa, born 5.7.1840, Kläsmark, Noormarkku; parents Isaac Jacobsson Jaakola and Maria Mathsdr, age 40 http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4v95n0?en+0357+kastetut+749

08-11-13, 03:52
Noormarkku Rippikirja, 1869-1878

Link to page at FFHA free site: http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/noormarkku/rippikirja_1869-1878_mko68-81/216.htm

08-11-13, 04:10
Noormarkku Rippikirja 1864-1865, Klåsmark Wiikinkoski, Karl Fredrik Adamsson, wife Katarina Isaksdr, daughter Maria Sofia

Noormarkku Rippikirja, 1865-1868, Klåsmark Anttila; Karl Fredrik shown as Måg (son-in-law); Katarina shown first with her parents, then with husband Karl Fredrik and daughters Maria Sofia and Josefina, both of whom died young.

Karl Fredrik Adamsson and Katarina Isaksdr Jaakola married 9.7.1864, Noormarkku

08-11-13, 04:19
Institute of Migration Passport and Passenger Information; David Oskar Nurmi-Marjamäki, born 1882, home parish Noormarkku; occupation Torpp. pka (Crofter's son)

08-11-13, 04:23
1903 SS Ultonia Passenger List, prepared at the port of embarkation; and normally, when names were lined through, the person was not aboard the vessel when it docked; meaning the person(s) took a different ship or traveled on a different date.

08-11-13, 18:43
This is a little strange...

Noormarkku Rippikirja, 1861-1862, Klåsmark Kallio; Karl Fredrik, born 10.4.1843, Påmark, is shown with the patronymic Adamsson. The 4th column shows he came from a farm on page 143 of the previous book (1854-1860).

Noormarkku Rippikirja, 1854-1860, Kläsmark Kallio; Karl Fredrik is now shown with the patronymic Katarinasson; which would make more sense than Adamsson, if the HisKi entry for his birth was correct. The 4th column shows Karl Fredrik came from Påmark in 1859.

Two names above that of Karl Fredrik, is Kaisa Lisa Davidsdr, born 20.4.1822, Norrmark. The 4th column shows she came from Påmark in 1858. She is now the wife of Matts Davidsson Kallio (first name on the page) and could well be the mother of Karl Fredrik.

Matts Davidsson and Katarina Elisabeth Davidsdotter were married 6.3.1859, Noormarkku.

Unfortunately, online records for Påmark are not available prior to 1864.

08-11-13, 18:54
Noormarkku Rippikirja, 1833-1839, Klåsmark; Caisa Lisa, born 20.1822; shown with parents and siblings (first grouping of names). The last column shows she went to Påmark in 1837.

08-11-13, 18:59
HisKi shows Maria Sofia, born 20.6.1839, out of wedlock, Påmark; mother Caisa Lisa Davidsdr, age 17 (the right age): http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4v68im?en+0409+kastetut+1708

08-11-13, 20:01
Wow! You have certainly given me lots of information to digest. I'm sure that I'll have many more questions after I have had a chance to study you information. I wish I could read the written Finnish better, but with your clear text, I'll also try to become familiar with the written version.

More later,

James M Driskell

09-11-13, 00:11
I have a little more infon, ancestors of David Oscar, the sources I have another version of the lists.

Ancestor path

Table _______
David Oskar Marjamäki, b. 10.9.1882 Pomarkku, Lassila

Table _______
Caisa Isacsdotter Jacola, b. 5.7.1840 Noormarkku, Klåsmark
Karl Fredrik Caisason Marjamäki, b. 10.4.1843 Pomarkku
1. David Oskar Marjamäki, b. 10.9.1882 Pomarkku, Lassila

Table _______
Isac Jacobsson Rajakoski, Jacola, måg. Jacola torppari, b. 8.3.1793 Pomarkku, d. 9.7.1866 Noormarkku, Klåsmark
Maria Mattsdotter Jacola, b. 3.6.1800 Noormarkku, Jacola, d. 25.8.1851 Noormarkku, Klåsmark
1. Anna Isacsdotter Jacola, b. 3.11.1824 Noormarkku, Klåsmark, d. 1825 Noormarkku, Klåsmark
2. Anna Maria Isacsdotter Jacola, b. 27.9.1828 Noormarkku, Klåsmark, Jacola, d. 1829 Noormarkku, Klåsmark, Jacola
3. Caisa Isacsdotter Jacola, b. 24.7.1830 Noormarkku, Klåsmark, Jacola, d. 1831 Noormarkku, Klåsmark, Jacola
4. Gretha Isacsdotter Jacola, b. 10.7.1835 Noormarkku, Klåsmark
5. Anna Maria Isacsdotter Jacola, b. 23.12.1836 Noormarkku, Klåsmark
6. Caisa Isacsdotter Jacola, b. 5.7.1840 Noormarkku, Klåsmark
7. Serafia Isacsdotter Jacola, b. 10.5.1846 Noormarkku, Klåsmark

Greta Gustava Forsberg, b. 11.11.1799, d. 30.3.1867 Noormarkku, Klåsmark

Table _______
Jacob Jacobsson Örn, Rajakoski, entinen reservisotilas Örn ja Laitilan kylän Rajakosken uudisasukas., b. 30.6.1761, d. 10.3.1808 Pomarkku
Valborg Johansdotter Laitila, b. 12.9.1764
1. Johan Jacobsson Rajakoski, b. 1.3.1788 Pomarkku
2. Isac Jacobsson Rajakoski, Jacola, b. 8.3.1793 Pomarkku, d. 9.7.1866 Noormarkku, Klåsmark

Table _______
Jacob Henriksson, b. 15.7.1727, d. 21.1.1776 Kankaanpää
Brita Mattsdotter, b. 1729
1. Jacob Jacobsson Örn, Rajakoski, b. 30.6.1761, d. 10.3.1808 Pomarkku


09-11-13, 01:21
As we say here, "Holy Mackerel!" I never expected such a flood of information. It will take me some time to absorb this treasure trove. After which, I'm sure that I will have many questions.

Thanks again,

James M Driskell