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18-12-13, 23:50
I have very little information on Emma or her parents except for the following:
Possible father: Thomas Lindala, Possible mother: Mathilda Antila (Anttila). Emma is shown crossing from Canada into Washington State at Sumas in May 1909. She listed her mother as a contact, residing in Vähäkytä, Finland. I think this is really Vähäkytäntie, Soini, Finland. I think Emma was born there on July 11, 1891 then moved to Canada possible two years later. She had a sister (my grandmother) Jennie who I think was born in Copper Creek, Ontario, Canada who also came to Washington State

I would appreciate any help in identifying Emma and her parents and their predecessors.

Thanks in advance,

James M Driskell

19-12-13, 01:32
From Institute of Migration...is this her?

Detailed passport information

Last name Lindala
First names Emmi Maria
Other names *
Date of birth . .1891
Marital status 1
Religion Lut
Occupation Mäkitupalaisen tytär
Home parish Vähäkyrö
Province VAA
Passport date 05.11.1907
Passport number 6242
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by VAA
Remarks *

19-12-13, 06:24
This really doesn't help much, but here is the 1880 Henkikirjat showing the Lindala farm located in the village of Ojaniemi, Vähäkyrö.


19-12-13, 15:24
1907 SS Carmania Passenger List (line 15), Maria Lindala, age 16; born Vähäkyrö and last permanent residence there; mother Mathilda Lindala, Vähäkyrö; going to join aunt Hilma Latvala, Atlantic Mine, MI.

21-12-13, 00:05
Thanks for the information. Yes, I think the passport information belongs to Emma (Emmi) Maria Lindala. I tried searching the Institute's data base but couldn't come up with anything. Do you know that " Mäkitupalaisen tytär" means? I tried to translate it and came up with "Hill, type of room and daughter." Maybe she was listed as a room servant.

It's my understanding that the Lindala's migrated to Canada shortly after Emma's birth where her younger sister, Jennie (my grandmother) was born. Than sometime later, the family returned to Finland, probably to the Vähäkyrö region. My aunt (94 years old), Jennie's daughter and Emma's niece, calls the home village, "Little Village" which I think translates to "Vähäkytä."

Can you identify any of the names under the Lindala listing in the 1880 Henkikirjat. I think I see a Tomas Johansson, 32 who might correspond to Thomas Lindala but I don't know for sure. Is "Lindala" the name of the farm the the various names listed lived?

Again, thanks so much for your help.

James M Driskell

Emma returning the America in 1907 corresponds with her crossing from Canada to Washington State in 1909. She probably road the Canadian Pacific RR west because it might have been cheaper.

21-12-13, 02:56
Mäkitupalaisen tytär is Cottager's daughter. Tomas Johansson, born 1832, is the only Tomas shown on the farm Lindala. His wife is Greta, born 1839. Two children live with them, one boy and one girl (B-1-1). Only children who had reached a certain age were identified by name in Henkikirjat. I'm not certain, but I think the age was 15. For Tomas Johansson to be the father of Emma, Greta must have died and Tomas married Mathilda. It's also possible Tomas Johansson had a son Tomas and he was the father of Emma. Or it could be that Emma's father was not even living on this farm in 1880, 11 years before Emma was born.

23-12-13, 17:28
I did a Google Search on "Mathilda Anttila Vähäkyrö" and found this link: http://www.vilppula.com/people/p0000032.htm

Search for Emmi Maria Tuomaantytär and you will find Emmi Maria Tuomaantytär Trutsa, born 11.7.1891, Vähäkyrö Saarensivu; parents Tuomas Matinpoika Lintala, born 31.10.1866, Vähäkyrö Ojaniemi; and Matilda Mikontytär Antila, born 21.7.1871, Vähäkyrö Saarensivu

Emmi's parents were married 11.11.1889, Vähäkyrö

The parents of Tuomas Matinpoika Lintala were Matti Jaakonpoika Lintala, born 21.4.1836, Vähäkyrö Ojaniemi (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4yojy9?en+0640+kastetut+10739) and Maria Heikintytär Korpi-Heikkilä, born 29.8.1836, Ilmajoki, Korpi-Heikkilä (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4yojy9?en+0115+kastetut+14345)

23-12-13, 17:41
The parents of Maria Mikontytär Antila were Mikko Mikonpoika Störvi, born 30.10.1840, Vähäkyrö Merikaarto, Störvi; and Maria Juhantytär Erkkilä, born 23.6.1842, Vähäkyrö Tervajoki

They are shown here in 1880 Henkikirjat, at Saarensivu Andila, with 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls (B-2-2); and Mikko's sister Maria, born 1831 (Maria Lisa, http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4yojy9?en+0640+kastetut+10068)

23-12-13, 18:50
Sorry, I forgot to add the link for 1880 Henkikirjat: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=630638

26-12-13, 00:27
Thanks for the Christmas present. I have so much more to work on and I'm sure that I'll have more questions.

26-12-13, 17:03
You're welcome. One could assume the research done by whomever posted that information, is accurate. However, since the records are not available online, it would be best to contact Vähäkyrö parish for confirmation of Emma's parentage.