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30-01-14, 01:28
I’m searching for information about my aunt’s father, Issac Victor Huhta. He was born on 03 Aug 1884 in Jalasjärvi, Finland and came to the New York on or about 25 Apr 1903. He lists his departure port as Hanko.

Thanks in advance for your help.

James M Driskell

June Pelo
30-01-14, 15:22
I came across a picture of Isaac Victor Huhta here:

30-01-14, 17:06
Are you looking for information about Isaac Victor in Finland...after he came to America...or both???

Iisakki Vihtori, 1884 Jalasjärvi Birth Record; parents Juho Jaakko Hermanpoika Kohtamäki and Susanna Ulrica Iisakintytär.

Jalasjärvi Rippikirja, 1875-1884, Hirvijärvi by, Kohtamäki; Johan Jacob, born 26.3.1861, Jalasjärvi; wife Sanna Ulrika Isaksdr Ketelä?, born 22.2.1863, Ilmajoki; son Iisakki Vihtori, born 3.8.1884, Jalasjärvi

Sanna Ulrika came to Jalasjärvi from Ilmajoki in 1883. The date of marriage is difficult to read, but probably 1883.

The parents of Johan Jacob are Herman Mattsson, born 10.5.1823, and Hedvig Isaksdr, born 20.10.1821; also shown are siblings Matts, Salomon, Samuel Viktor and Herman (shown with wife Lisa Jakobsdr).

30-01-14, 17:11
The family moved from Jalasjärvi to Ilmajoki in 1885.

30-01-14, 17:14
Then moved back to Jalasjärvi in 1890.

30-01-14, 17:17
Jalasjärvi Rippikirja, 1895-1904, Hirvijärvi 9, Huhtakallio: Isak Viktor went to America, 23.3.1903

30-01-14, 17:22
Passport and Passenger Information from Institute of Migration

30-01-14, 17:30
Isak Huhtakallio, 1903 SS Celtic Passenger List; going to join a friend in Virginia, MN

Family Group Sheet from Ancestry.com

30-01-14, 17:53
Juho Hermaninpoika Kohtamäki and Sanna Ulrika Suuriniemi were married 13.4.1883, Ilmajoki

Ilmajoki Rippikirja, 1878-1887, Palonkylä Ala Ketelä, (Suuriniemi), Talollinen

30-01-14, 20:50

Thanks for the link to the pictures. I know many of the people in these pictures and will share them with Norma.


Again you are a fount of knowledge!! Thanks for the help in locating Issac's origins in Finland. This is the information that I was interested in. The poster of the pictures in the link provided by June is the granddaughter of Issac so I should be able to fill much of the additional information from those sources. I wish I could read the script in the books better. I guess I need practice.

Jim Driskell

June Pelo
30-01-14, 23:18
Here's a head shot from Isaac's Naturalization: half way down the page..


30-01-14, 23:31
you're welcome Jim...

Ed Koski
01-02-14, 00:39

I have a BOOK published on many Jälasjarvi people and I have only 1 ( one ) Huhta = born 1830.

My Grandmother is in this Book ... my Grandfather is from about an hour north in Nurmo and they came to Canada about 1880.

Sorry; I wasn't able to find your lost LAMB - " LUHTA " in my Book.


Ed Koski

Good Luck in your search .....

Ed Koski