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June Pelo
11-04-14, 20:33
Over 100 people, including descendants of Matthias Strannius, have been tested , and the findings show that 45% of men are derived from the Savo component. The most robust R1a1 line in Viitasaari comes from Matthias Strannius (long-time pastor in Viitasaari, and 8th great grandfather of my cousin Adrian). R1a1 is uncommon in Finland, is differentiated by DYS385a marker and this leads to the Polish-Lithuanian border area. A mysterious L260+ snippet links to Prince/Grand Duke Igor II Olgovich of Kiev who died in 1146/47. Presumably, enough of Igor's authenticated descendants have been tested to pinpoint the mutation in question. There is speculation that Matthias' large dark eyes resemble eyes of the Romanov rulers of Russia. (Adrian says there are some weak spots in this theory... Igor was not a Romanov; that dynasty came into power in 1613.)

Anne-Margit Stranius is the driving force behind the Viitasaari DNA project. More on this, including a picture of Matthias Strannius, can be found here.. in Finnish: