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Suku Forum
15-07-14, 06:11
Hi, This forum has been extremely helpful in the past so I'm going to try again. My Great Great Grandmother was Brita Sophia Johannsdatter. She...

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June Pelo
15-07-14, 12:58
I'm not a member of Suku, but I think I found Brita Sofia Johan-Eriksdotter Suni, b. 13 May 1862 in Monäs, Munsala, married 7 Dec 1883 to Johan Jakob Andersson Forsberg, b. 25 Oct 1856, Flygar, Monäs, Munsala.. Had a son Johan Alfrid, b. 1885 in Munsala. The family used the name Forsberg. I found them in the Talko database, but her parents aren't mentioned, but her father's name was Johan-Erik.