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15-08-14, 02:13
I'm looking for information on Carl (Karl) (Isaac?) Huhta (la?) who left Finland somewhere around 1902 or possibly as late as 1908. He may have been traveling with his wife Susanna and a young girl names Jennie Lindala.

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Jim Driskell

15-08-14, 13:35
Could this be who you are looking for?

15-08-14, 13:49
WWII Draft Registration for Carl Huhta, born 27.7.1877, Vähäkyrö

15-08-14, 13:59
1908 Institute of Migration Passport and Passenger Information, Kaarle Huhtanen, born 1877, Home Parish Vähäkyrö, traveling with Susanna, Sylvi, Karl and Edwin Huhtanen; and Jenni Lintala

15-08-14, 14:11
1908 SS Lusitania Passenger List; Kaarle Huhtanen, wife Susanna, children Sylvi, Karl and Edvin; last permanent residence Vähäkyrö; nearest relative, father Isak Niemi, Merikarran kylä, Vähäkyrö. Jenny Lintala identified as a foster child. All enroute to Hoquiam, WA and previously there 1902-1907.

15-08-14, 14:49
Persons with the name Huhta buried in Sunset Memorial Park, Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, WA


WA Death Certificate Index, Susanna Elisabeth Huhta, AKA Susanna Elisabeth Niemi, died 17.1.1935, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA; parents Isaac Niemi and Susanna E Rayals (sic); spouse Karl Huhta

Index to Death Certificates of Finns in Grays Harbor County, WA, 1907-1947: Susanna Elisabeth Huhta, wife of Karl Huhta, born 17.9.1878, Merikaarta, Vaasa, Finland; died 17.1.1935, Aberdeen, WA; parents Isaac Niemi and Susanne E. Raijala

Maybe the 1908 SS Lusitania passenger list incorrectly identified Isak Niemi as the father of Kaarle Huhtanen?

15-08-14, 15:04
Carl Isaac Huhta, born about 1877, died 17.12.1958, Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, WA; father Isaac Huhta

16-08-14, 02:39
I'm amazed at your ability to dig out this information. Of course, you hit the nail right on the head. Looks like Karl Huhta(nen) and Susanna came the first time to the US to Carbonado, Washington in 1902. Carbonado was a coal mining district about 40 miles east of Tacoma (where I live). Then they must have returned to Vähäkyrö sometime after. The 1920 Census lists the children as having been born in Washington but I think they were born in Finland, probably Vähäkyrö. I don't know if the church records exist for them, but I'll look.

Jenni Lintala is the mother of my aunt and of course, my grandmother. This thread started as a result of the conversation with my aunt last Wednesday. During this conversation, she described what she remembered about her mother's stories about how she came to the US, traveling the Carl and Susanna Huhta. Jenni was about 14 when she came to the US which would put the year as about 1908. This information matches what you found in the 1908 records.

Jenni always referred to her village as "Little Village" which is what "Vähäkyrö" may translate to. Her sister Emma came on her own and is the subject of one of my other posts which you kindly answered.

Thanks so much for this information.

Jim Driskell

16-08-14, 02:44
Buy the way, I previously asked about Isaac Oscar Huhta who married Jenni. They are the parents of my aunt but according to her, these two Huhtas are not related, just friends.

Jim Driskell

16-08-14, 04:25
you're welcome... :)

16-08-14, 13:14
Declaration of Intention, dated 2.7.1918, Isaac Huhta, born 3.8.1884, Jalasjärvi; wife Jenny

Iisakki Vihtori, born 3.8.1884, Jalasjärvi

1920 US Census, Isaac Huhta, wife Jennie, son Ralph; Portland, OR

Ancestry Family Group Sheet, David Oscar Nurmi, Jenny Matilda Lindala, son Ralph, born 9.12.1912, Hoquiam, WA

WWII Draft Registration, Isaac Victor Huhta, born 3.8.1884, Jalasjärvi; now with wife Lena (The 1930 US Census shows Jenny Huhta, divorced, son Ralph Nurmi, Portland)

Is this the right family, as this is Isaac Victor Huhta and not Isaac Oscar?

18-08-14, 00:09
Isaac Victor Huhta is the correct name. Isaac Oscar isn't. The rest of your information is correct. David Nurmi died in a mine accident in 1917 and Jenni then married Isaac Victor Huhta.

Jim Driskell