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June Pelo
23-09-14, 20:23
I have a request asking if there is a Friis Society? I am not aware of one.. does anyone know? This would pertain to the ancestors of Lars Andersson Friis, 1696-1768.

26-10-14, 02:14
Hi June, I know that there at least have been one "Släktföreningen Friis-Sukuyhdistys Friis rf" they published the book "Lars Frijs i Karleby och hans ättlingar" ...I was curious about this book as I think there could be a family branch (in Nedervetil) from my mothers side that could lead to the Friis family.

Best Regards: Tobias Lillvik

June Pelo
26-10-14, 02:37

I have a copy of that Friis book. Give me some names and I can look in the book. I have a lot of data about the Friis family. Marcus Prest in Finland has been collecting new data for an upgrade to the book..

27-10-14, 00:29
Hi June, I will go through my family tree and see look up the names and send you a private message.

Best regards: Tobias Lillvik