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Kerstin Sandelin
01-03-04, 20:14
Does anyone recognize any of these miners from Pennsylvania probably sometime in the 1920s? No 5 from left is my Grandfather Johan (John) Edward Sandelin from Vasa, Finland. We have no track of him since the late 1920s. Any information would be valuable.

Karen Norwillo
02-03-04, 20:23
Do you have any idea where in PA this was taken? I live in Northeastern PA, not too far from the coal region of the state. There was also Zinc mining in my immediate vicinity. My Dad was a miner, but much later. Karen

Kerstin Sandelin
02-03-04, 22:09
I am not sure but by 1920 US Census my grandfather lived in West Wheatfield Indiana PA and worked as coleminer.

03-03-04, 16:44
Kerstin, just curious,
Might Johan Edvard be related to my gggf Leander Karlsson Sandelin-Sankulla b. 09.09.1854, Terjärv ?

Karen Norwillo
03-03-04, 17:21
Kerstin,I found a John Edvard Sandelin in the World War I Draft Registration. His card #147 reads: John Edvard Sandelin, age 29, address Cadogen, PA, Date of birth April 3, 1888, an alien, born Vasa, Finland, subject of Finland, occupation coalminer, employed by Allegheny River Mining Company, Cadogan, PA. supports a wife and 3 children, married, caucasian. His signature is on bottom of card, Described as medium height and build, grey eyes and light brown hair, no disabilities. Signed by F.A. Green at W. North Buffalo, Armstrong county, PA. June 5, 1917. Hope this helps. Karen

Kerstin Sandelin
03-03-04, 19:08
Hi Karen.

It is my grandfathers WW1 draft!
Thank you for your help!


Kerstin Sandelin
03-03-04, 19:11
I do not know if they have any connection. My grandfathers Sandelin ancestors are those whoI know of, born in Malax Finland.

04-03-04, 01:17

If you click on the North Buffalo area, a color map shows up and Cadogan town is easily visible.
You can also see that Indiana County is right next to this one.


Kerstin Sandelin
04-03-04, 12:01
Thank you for the tip!


13-05-07, 01:30
My husband is 95% sure that the 1st person on the left is his uncle Johannes Nordman who was from Pörtom.