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30-01-15, 23:46
I am a fellow who had once been quite active but, who now finds himself felled by physical shortcomings that have just arrived in my life too soon. I find myself having to much time on my hands that I cannot put to physical labor anymore so I have decided to research my family name; something that I have always been wanting to do but, always had lacked for time.
The surname is Rajaniemi and my family migrated to the upper peninsula of Michigan in the USA from a town in western Finland, Nivala. I have worked my way back to my great grand-father (3) times on my fathers side. Here, the road gets a little muddied.
Names were treated a little different then and I think that I may have to go to a pay- ancestry site to reach any further back.
I would just like to know if any of you fine folks could offer me any suggestions!
Kiitos to all for listening and nakemiin!

Karen Norwillo
31-01-15, 03:31
Without more information, it would be difficult to advise how to proceed. If you tell us what you know, names, dates of birth etc someone may be able to help. As there were no real surnames back then, name could change frequently depending on what farm someone was born on. Patronymics are very important in tracing someone. Welcome from a transplanted Michigander (Iron county)

01-02-15, 19:55
OK! Me...Wayne Rajaniemi B-1950 My Dad...Richard Rajaniemi B-1927 D-1985 His Dad...Edward Robert Rajaniemi B-1904 D-1973 His Dad...Jacob Rajaniemi B-1876 D-1964 His Dad Annti(Andrew) Jakobsson Rajaniemi B-1853 D-1901 His Dad Jaako Tuomanpoika Niskala B-1827 D-1898 This is where I lose the name Rajaniemi and the ambiguity
begins. Nivala and Sievi are the two relevant towns to this point. The names Korpela and Dolgren have come to fore?

01-02-15, 20:48
Could it be these, Jacob near the bottom of the page, the parents at the top:



Karen Norwillo
01-02-15, 22:08
Parents of Jakob Thomasson Niskala were Thomas Jakobsson Käändä and Lisa Olofsdotter Prut. They were married 30.10.1803. Thomas Jakobsson Käändä, also found Kändä, were Jakob Mattsson Kändä and Lisa Bertilsdotter Kangas of Ylivieska. Thomas and Lisa had 9 children in Alavieska as Käändä between 1804 and 1820. So between 1820 and 1827 they became Niskala, still in Alavieska. Probably just a change of farm. There's a moving out record for Thomas Jakobsson Niskala from Alavieska to Ylivieska in 1845 and then back again. Source:Hiski.

Karen Norwillo
02-02-15, 15:40
From Hiski,
21.12.1743 Kalajoki, Matts Mattsson Kändä and Anna Erichsdotter Niskala married.
24.6.1746 Matts Mattsson Kändä and Anna Erichsdotter born son Jacob in Kalajoki.
13.10.1749 in Ylivieska to Bertil Johansson Kangashas and Maria Pålsdotter born daughter Lisa.
Lisa Bertilsdotter died in Alavieska 14.4.1823 as Käändä.
Bertil Johansson Cangas and Maria Pålsdotter Hannula married 18.12.1748 in Ylivieska.

Karen Norwillo
02-02-15, 16:33
From Ylivieska on Hiski
31.1.1723 Berthil born to Johan Kangas and Lijsa Bertilsdotter
10.11.1717 Efvijärvi, Johan Kåski and Lijsa Bertilsdotter Kangas married in Ylivieska.
26.12.1726 Maria born to Påhl Hannula and Anna Mattzdotter
Attached is Kalajoki rippi showing family of Matts Käändä 1717-1784 and Anna Erichsdotter 1718-

Karen Norwillo
02-02-15, 21:30
Here's the 1853 birth of Anders Jacobsson Niskala in Alavieska from Digi.narc.fi

Karen Norwillo
02-02-15, 23:57
Here's the Rajaniemi family in Wälikylä # 30, Nivala 1876-1885.

03-02-15, 01:05
The information that I have received regarding my inquiry has been spot on and very well appreciated. Along with the bits and pieces that I have accumulated in my ever expanding family file, I feel that I have a much better handle on the history of my family. You have all been too kind and I feel that I am indeed among friends. Kiitos and nakemiin!