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30-03-15, 20:12
Hello everyone,

sorry for the long ramble, just so enthusiastic! just introducing myself with what is now in the moment on my mind instead of telling too much about things that seem to me at the moment not important to me, and also remembering I am writing at the internet and so to keep it simple... ;)

I'm at the beginning of my own ancestor search journey, for myself that is, because this process was passed over to me just a few months ago by my 70-year old father, who has been busy with it in Finland for a longer time already, I think I heard stories from him already 20 years ago. When he was still active with it, sources were not so accessible and easy as they are now, so I've been pretty happy to have been able to pass some new information to him that he was not aware of. Only, the real brick walls they seem to be very hard to brake in our case (meaning our own ancestors), yet I still try, I am just not so very hopeful anymore.

In the process I got very interested about the village and the busy life of the house in Ostrobothnia, where my family also originates from. Through those walls have passed a lot of people who headed across the ocean towards America at the end of 1800's and the beginning of 1900's and they all were Swedish speaking Finns, so I started to gather that information for myself for further studies. The era of 1800's in Finland is also a new interest to me, with it's own hectic changes and conflicting ideas from Russia and Finns themselves at the time.

The house of my interest is located in Karleby, in the village of Närvilä and was called Heinola all through out 1800's. If this rings a bell with anyone, I would be interested to hear stories and swop information of course, if wanted. I am getting a kind of attached to all these people along with my own progress and I would like to know more - my ancestors were living together with all of these people and how things developed for them interests me a lot.

My own specific brick wall stories are the following:

My father used to tell me a story about a brother of his grandfather that had left to America never to be heard of again. At 1950's his closest family tried to find him through red cross and alike, without any results. Eventually he was declared dead in Finland after the search.
I've realized in the process that in Johan's case, I need to keep my mind open for all kinds of possibilities... so I am also searching in unusual sources, also in Scandinavia, Europe, South-America etc... but first and foremost there are a lot of Johan's out there, in different writing forms and none seemingly fitting with my information, but for my father I keep trying.

Another one is the wife of my great grandfather, the story goes that she was born in America, but returned to Finland... With her family or not, that no one seems to know, and I guess the next step would be to make a trip to the archives for her information is not yet open to the public, when it is for me possible to do.

So, as you can see I am totally mesmerized by the process, and hoping my father will still want to write a family book about all of it to the younger generations... I never knew that one could fall in love with ones ancestors, I have, and that is very good so, also heart wrenching of course, with these cases where things do not reveal themselves so easy, but hope lives...

I know the searches are to be written to another board, therefore I wanted just to write the outlines what is going on with me, and why I am here. If someone recognizes something in what I wrote, or has interests of the same direction, I am more than grateful to hear that.

Thanks for your patience :)


June Pelo
30-03-15, 21:12
Welcome to the Forum, Anne. Yes, I recognized the name Närvilä in Karleby.. my morfar's family is from Karleby and I have relatives living there. I also have a lot of data about Karleby families. So put your information online....names and dates and let us see if some of us can help you.

I also have data about Hellström, Heinola and probably Karlson.

30-03-15, 22:18
Thank you so much, very nice of you! :)
I keep getting myself logged out, so writing is better to be done offline I think - I'ts very likely that it is my own fault, since I haven't checked my own settings properly yet ;) so I just give the first at hand information now, and rest I will gather in the coming days and post it, when it is already in clear form.

So, here goes:

Johan Fredrik (Karlsson) Hellström
(Hellström since about 1889)

born in: ~Helsingfors, still listed c.books of Karleby, house Heinola, until 1902.

birthdate: 4th of September 1884

Father: Karl Fredrik Karlsson Hellström (birthname form: Carl Fredrik Carlsson Heinola), b. 1848, in Heinola
Mother: Edla Johanna Johansdotter, b. 1847, in Apalahti, Nedervetil

Johans passport information is confirmed by Åbo Akademi
- He received a 3 year passport for America at 3rd of July 1902
- He did not travel via Hangö, that is also clear.

and that is where the tracks end for us.

Have a great start of the week, and talk to you later,


31-03-15, 01:49
Could this be him (line 24)? Going to San Francisco, CA

June Pelo
31-03-15, 03:03
I assume you already have data of Johan Fredrik's ancestry of both of his parents? If not, I have a lot of data about the families going back in time.

You mentioned being interested in reading about events in Finland as well as overseas. I have a number of articles about that here... you can scan through and choose what interests you.. I have other articles that aren't here, also.. that I can send you, if interested. http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/Category:Articles_by_June_Pelo

31-03-15, 04:16
Sorry, I attached the wrong passenger list...line 24, this one...

31-03-15, 12:19
Oh thank you!

this really might be him, so awesome! now I at least now have some direction to look into. I did not know which way to turn, since none of the online searches I did where showing something I really could recognize, he could have gone anywhere as far as I knew. Are you able to read what the texts are saying? Ely, Maine? you did say he was going to San Francisco... these connected?! :P I am also not able to read what is said at deformed/crippled section, could that be a cause for sending him back?

31-03-15, 12:48
Okay, thank you! this is more clear and some surprises already... he called himself Fred, no wonder I did not get much further haha... I did not so very many times look with the second name, I should have known... my father also never used his first name, which is Johan by the way. So... this second name thing.. runs in the family it seems ;)

31-03-15, 13:02
Hello June,

a new day begins with sunshine :) I hope that is the case for you too.

Yes I have his parents info, I just have not yet had time to look into his mother's family, I know she was born at the house Apalahti in Nedervetil and that her dad drowned a month before she was born and she only had one sister, that is all so far.

His father, in the communion books, and that line is known to me until 1683, only there is a but... I found a marking that could be meaning stepson in the communion books - I have to let someone that has more knowledge to look into that, we had some rumors going on in the family already that it might be that we are only half related to the descendants of Heinola-house. So, there will be some interesting turns still coming our way.

Yes, I am for sure checking out the link you gave here, and I am also very interested of any other news, that always gives more substance and clarity about what was happening and how people lived at that time. Just let me know if an email address is needed, I will be busy at the internet most of the day today :)

Still so excited =D

31-03-15, 15:31
Here is the list of people I talked about earlier, who have been marked to leave from Heinola-house towards America. I do not really need the travel information to be looked for, but I would like to know if anyone recognizes any of these people, where they ended up in the US and if there are descendants in the US still living etc.

Heinola-house became towards the beginning of 1900's more like a village in itself... and so a lot of people move through, most move in Finland, some even go to Russia for a while, but usually return and so I got interested about how many moved to US or returned and results are now at the moment at 16 when I include Fred Hellström in the counts.


if another type of file is needed for viewing, let me know.

31-03-15, 19:22
My dad was commenting that the time of miracles is not over =D He was very happy that this information is now there, cannot thank you enough!

I was able to re-check that Fred's last name was also changed in the passenger records, it was Hallstrom instead of Hellstrom and I think, and if I am able to read the photo right that in the relatives field there is the name Johnson, not quite sure, certainly cannot read what the address is, but if so..

then it might fit into the picture, Hästbacka-house in Karleby has a few people that also took the name Hellström and in Maria Andersdotter Hästbacka Hellström's information is the name Johnson. They went much earlier to America than Fred, maybe he was going there, so I am now trying to check into the information that I got from Sydaby would fit into the story.

after the party today, I am now calming down some with reading other things, thank you all :) once more.

31-03-15, 20:09
It looks like Fred Hallstrom traveled with August Peldo, both from Gamlakarleby...and both going to join Gust? Johnson, Seal Rock Hotel, 239 ? Street, San Fransisco, CA

31-03-15, 20:16
1909 Crocker-Langley San Francisco Directory...Hotel Seal Rock, 239 Steuart

31-03-15, 21:36
Oops...Adolf Peldo, not August...

01-04-15, 13:42
Thank you again :) I shall keep that in mind about the 2 travelers when I go look for more, I am taking a brake from the searches for a day or two now. I'll be back later.

June Pelo
01-04-15, 18:55
I wasn't able to open that Heinola rtf file for some reason.. Can you send it another way?

02-04-15, 10:05
I shall just make a list here instead... had a table of them made, and it did not directly copy here in a nice way, that's why the attachment first. Parents only mentioned, none of them travelled.

* Anders Gustav Andersson, Heinola, b. 29th November 1849
1880 to US
and wife: Brita Lena Karlsdotter b. 11th July 1844

- Anders parents: Anders Carlsson (Häggvist) b. 15 May 1827 and Catharina Salomonsdotter,
Heinola, b. 06 January 1829

Daughters Anders Gustav Andersson, also left 1880:
Brita Alina Andersdotter, Heinola (Tuomisalo),b. 20th April 1873

declared dead in Finland 1 January 1968
Hilda Johanna Andersdotter, Heinola, b. 17th December 1877
Sofia Emeli Andersdotter, Heinola, b. 21st December 1878

* Johan Emil Johansson, Heinola, b.18th October.1872
left 1895 with his sister

Parents: Johan Johansson Nygård, b. ? and Maria Mathilda Salomonsdotter, Heinola, b. 20th March 1855
(sister below)

Selma Maria Johansdotter, Heinola, b. 13th June 1875

* Anton Mattson, Heinola, b. 17th January 1865
left 1882

Parents: Matts Carlsson Heinola, b. 05th November 1825 and Maja Lena Gustavsdotter (Kankola), b. 30Th April1831

* Johan Ludvig Ludvigsson HÄLLSTEN, Heinola, b. 26th November 1858
- left 1878

Parents: Ludvig Carlsson, Heinola, b.16th February 1829 and Anna Magdalena Johansdotter (Kiviniemi), b. 11th January 1835
(siblings below)

Karl Emil Ludvigsson, Heinola, b. 25th July 1860 - left 1881
Hilda Johanna Ludvigsdotter,Heinola, b. 12th October 1865 - left 1883

Died 26th February 1900 in US
Adele Ludvigsdotter, Heinola, b. 15th July 1879 - left 1902

* Brita Johanna Carlsdotter, Heinola, b. 23rd January 1843 - Left 1902

Died 1917 in US, Parents: Carl Johansson, Rasmus, b. 12th July 1800 and Lisa Mattsdotter Heinola, b. 10th April 1804

* Johan Erik Eriksson b. 1852 - left 1882

Parents: Erik Mattsson (Björkgren), b. 18th October1829 and Anna Johansdotter Nygård, b. 25th May 1818- d.1884

* Matts Britasson b. 25 Aug 1863 - left 1885

No other information, a worker in the house

I left out two families that returned back to Finland, only a year to 2 years try out to US. One of those was a man from Hästbacka-house in Karleby, which has given at least 2 others that have gone to US, one of them earlier mentioned Maria Hästbacka Hellstrom, Johnson.

02-04-15, 10:15
Oh by the way June.. I've read some of your articles, one from your aunt I think and I saw a mention of a person called Maria Johnson in one of them, maybe she was from that Hästbacka-house. I also got curious about your morfar's village and house, I think I can find that information from the articles, I will read more of them anyway, so you do not have start explaining things again in case you are busy :) .

June Pelo
02-04-15, 19:55
Here is info. about two daughters of Anders Gustaf Andersson Heinola:
Brita Alina, b. 1873 was married to Matts Emil Gustaf Tuomisalo, b. 4 Apr 1874, Karleby. I have no other info.

Hilda, b. 1877, died 2 Mar 1952, married 18 Jan 1902 in the US to Leander Emil Leandersson Qvarnnabba- Jacobson, b. 25 Jul 1878, Öja, Karleby, d. 7 Apr 1930. They had a son Emil Ruben Emanual Jacobsson, b. 11 Nov 1902, Lead, North Dakota. He married 10 Sep 1933 to Karin Ingeborg Ottosdotter Kankkonen, b. 13 Aug 1908. Data found in Lars Friis i Karleby och hans Ättlingar, page 372; also Haals Ättlingar, Tab. 366. I have no other info. I will add that Karin Ingeborg's sister Anna Lovisa, b. 1899, was married to Karl Fredrik Johansson Nyman-Newman, b. 1892, Nedervetil. They lived in Detroit, and Drayon Plains, Michigan. Karl was a cousin of my father, and Karin was related to my morfar.

02-04-15, 20:14
uh uh... I feel somewhat discouraged, I've tried today - almost all day - to search for Fred Hallstrom - no sign of him after his arrival in New York, looked with Hal/hel/hil/hol, or two l's, even al/el without the h-letter, with his original name, nothing... using mostly familysearch.org for it - now first starting to understand all the search options there, other ones that I have tried seem like I have had even less success. Finnish archives have been easier for some reason to me, and the pleasure of finding something oneself is of course great, but one cannot be successful always :p

I looked for travel companion of Fred's, no sign of him either, only I found that Sydaby does not have any Adolf's there leaving from Karleby, so I looked all the ages of people there with Peldo in their name, and I think I found the guy, not sure of course, with his original name, sort of different from the arrival records - ?! uh... Seems that even 1930 and 1940 censuses have slightly different information, only this man luckily has a family, so that I could recognize.

Then I found a lot of Johnson's also at Sydaby-list, a Gustaf too, and some Gustaf's in San Francisco even, so maybe, but the questions are still there...

Is there any way of finding out if an immigrant has changed their name completely?

People apparently could also tell another birth year or so, I understand that many did not really know exactly when they were born, so get that... still a bit strange.

and is it so, that if I asked someone look into this, it would have to be a professional? or are there any archives that do more extensive searches? I do not want to make use of other people's time without being able to give back something, "overstay my welcome" so to say...

there's always the possibility that something has happened in between 1902 and 1910, I was reading some articles from California area from that time and okay... seemed a bit wild.

To lighten things UP a little bit :D, I found also a nice article from 1905, could be added to the jokes maybe :) here's the link: Baby talks Finnish (http://cdnc.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/cdnc?a=d&d=LAH19050724.2.72&srpos=1&e=--1902---1920--en--20--1--txt-txIN-baby+speaks+finnish------/)

02-04-15, 20:19
Oh thank you June! this is a great info :) I will add these to my Heinola information and see what the connections are.

June Pelo
02-04-15, 21:47
Here's some info. about Johan Ludvig Hällsten, b. 1858... I have this note given by Börje Prest:

To America. Used name Johan Ludvig Heinola-Hällsten-Stone, per Börje Prest. Had a farm with Johan Jakob Johansson Silakka-Selin.

I don't have anything about Johan Ludvig's siblings.

June Pelo
02-04-15, 22:16
My morfar was Alexander Larsson Warg/Wargström.. and the line goes back to Kåkz and Dunkar - Varila, 1480.

As for Maria Johnson, the name doesn't ring a bell... if I knew why my aunt mentioned her, I might figure out who she was.. we had Johnson relatives in the US, but none named Maria.

June Pelo
02-04-15, 22:21
I forgot to mention that I have a small database on my website which lists emigrants from Finland (mostly from Karleby and Kronoby and Nedervetil) .. and there are a lot of Heinola names there.. maybe it contains names you're looking for. The list is based on data put together many years ago by Frans Lillsunde. http://sydaby.eget.net/swe/emigrants.htm

03-04-15, 11:46
Thank you June,

never mind about Maria, it's just a hunch that can be a wrong track anyway.

I was familiar with your database already, I had the idea that I had seen your name there, just had not really realized it yet. I gathered the US travelers from church records, and have compared them to immigration institute information and your list. Yes, I will look into the Heinola's from the list also more carefully than I have so far, just keeping in mind that there might be other Heinola-houses and people, since it is still a very common name in Finland.

After the night I have come to the conclusion that either Fred did not want to be found, or just changed his last name yet another time to fit better in, or something happened to him before the first census he should have been in, and I think I found something that can help me with the search, and if we cannot find him, then that is how it is.

Thank you all for all that you've done so far :)

03-04-15, 13:17
Peaceful and happy Easter to you all!