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John D. Kotila
05-10-15, 21:05
~I've been working on my family history (British Isles & Finland) on-and-off for about 15 years.

My Great-Grandparents immigrated from the Ostrobothnia region; to Michigan's Upper Peninsula (mid-1870's/early 1880's). Their mother tongue was Finnish.
KOTILA (ALAKOTILA)-1881&1883 Nivala
KAURALA -1876 Rantsila

My AncestryDNA estimate:
Finland/Northwest Russia: 24% (probable range 19%-30%)
Scandinavia: <1% (probable range 0%-6%)

My families lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (primarily Houghton Co.). I've traced some of my Finnish ancestry back to the late 1600's. A few years ago, I contacted a few distant cousins living in Finland. Of the 3 people; only one could understand English (an English teacher near Helsinki), while the others had younger family members translate for them).
My Great-Grandfather's sister & two nieces were among the dead, at the children's Christmas Eve party (Italian Hall-Calumet,Mich 1913)

Research shows that a G-Grandfather was a croft soldier in Kalajoki (from 1790-abt.1809). Found another G-Grandfather who made a claim that Russian & Cossack soldiers took items from his farm in Lohtaja 1809.

My 3rd G-Grandfather may? have signed the "Great Address" in 1899 Nivala.

My G-Grandmothers' cousin gave his race on his WW1 draft card as "Mongolian". Possibly to get out of the war draft.

Just recently, I've found a few more distant cousins (Finnish-side) through AncestryDNA...Has anyone here tried this yet?..I hope they extend this testing to other countries (Finland)

Regards, John Dotson Kotila (Metro Detroit area,Michigan)

Karen Norwillo
15-10-15, 16:50
Welcome. I am a transplanted Yooper, Crystal Falls, Iron county, to Pennsylvania. My grandparents were from Finland, Ostrobothnia and Oulu. When my paternal grandfather emigrated, he too was classified as Mongolian, not his choice, just whomever filled out the WWI Draft card. Being from Salla region he had the typical Laplander face. I doubt that your ancestor was avoiding the draft. Same as those from Finland being listed on census records as from Sweden because they spoke Swedish.

07-04-16, 01:39
There was a published (even in text books my uncle read in school) myth that Finns descended from the Mongol race. If you read Finnish history/research you will discover this is untrue. Finns have always been Finns. The research even goes into the shape of the skulls being different. I have done the Ancestry DNA and they do not take into consideration that NW Russia was Finland until after WWII. I did not research much farther to see how much Russia had previously encroached Finnish territory although I learned they did. I have my families tree back to the 1600s as well and they are all Finns. The NW Russians may have Finnish DNA; my family and I are Finns. Since my grandparents are the the ones who immigrated I set the standard for my cousins who do not have Finns on both sides of their families. They now know the part of their DNA that is the non-Finn parents. Through Ancestry, a sister-in-law of a cousin in Sweden contacted me. My cousin is the daughter of one of the 'children of war.' These children were sent to Sweden when the Russians attacked Finland (1939 Winter War). Sandie Maki

June Pelo
07-04-16, 03:29
One of my cousins is married to Ulla-Maija Kulonen, professor of Finno-Ugric Studies of the Univ. of Helsinki. She has written some interesting articles about this. This article discusses the origin of the Finns and their language: http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/The_Language_and_People_of_Finland This article is also interesting: http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/The_Origin_of_Finnish_and_Related_Languages