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06-02-16, 20:08

I grew up in Monäs (Munsala) in the swedish speaking part of western Finland, and now live in Singsby (Korsholm), my parents still lives in Monäs, and a couple of my ancestors, both from my fathers an mothers side have emigrated to USA in the beginning of the 20'th century. Here a short story of emigrants from my fathers side.

My great great grandfather.
Simon Wilhlem Erickson born 1861, went sailing at age 16, spent 3 years in South Africa (Dont know where he was, don't know what he did). He then worked some time on a saling ship between Singapore and Boston, then some time sailing between Pekamburo and Boston. Later working with electrical installation in Philadelphia, and building construction in Chicago. Married in Philadelphia in 1897, where they got their first son Erik William in 1897. In 1899 they went back to Finland, where they got three more children. He then made a couple of more trips to USA.

Of their five children two emigrated to USA

Their first son Erik William went back to USA 1916, and then lived in Los Angeles, died 23.nov 1955.
Their second son Karl Johannes Erickson, born 30.5.1903 emigrated to usa in 1923, however not on his own Passort, he used the passport of a friend Johannes Sundqvist, born 1900, and I dont know which name he used later in USA, dont know where he lived or when he died.

My great great grandfader Simon Wilhelm also had 3 siblings that emigrated to USA, i will check their names and ask about them another time.

My grandfathers sister had contact with the realtives in the USA for quite som time, but however did not spread the information to the rest of the family, we however have a lot of photograps but not many names.