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A bit of History


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A bit of history – there have been several emigration periods from Finland to other parts of the world, starting as early as the 1600s. Most of our focus in the near term is during the ‘Great Emigration’ period of 1870-1930. However, all information is welcome and will be captured.

Period Area of Immigration Total Finnish Emigration Swedish Finn Emigration
1638 - 1660New Sweden (Delaware)600 Swedes and Finns
St. Bartholomew in French West IndiesMany of the Swedes placed on this island were from Finland
1721 - 1922To Russia3 million Lutherans in Russia in 1898 [1]Many Swedish Finns in this group
1812 - 1867From Russia ‘to and through Alaska’ and then down the West Coast of the United States2-3,000 in Russian American Company; 20% were Finnish origin [2]
1848Migration as sailors jumped ship at the time of the gold rush in California.
1880-1940Great emigration period; primarily to USA and Canada390,000 -- USA (300,000); Canada (70,000); Sweden (45,000); Other Europe (55,000); Other world (6,000)70.000 -- USA (47,000); Canada (6,000); Sweden (10,000); Other Europe (6,000); Other World (1,000)
1950’s -1970’s Primarily Sweden [3])705,000 -- USA (17,000); Canada (21,000); Sweden (530,000); Other Europe (106,000); Other world (31,000)USA; Canada ;Sweden (250,000); Other Europe; Other World
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