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SFHS Library Available for Research

Please note that the library is for reference only. Books are to be used in the library.

SFHS has created a library of over 4,000 books and documents relating to Swedish Finn history and culture throughout the world. These are located in the SFHS office in Seattle, Washington. Over 80% of the books were donated from various personal libraries. About 10% were purchased.

A number of books are from Finland, however, the volume has been greatly reduced because of postage and the change in airline regulations. In the past, members would often carry books back from visits to Finland

The information in the SFHS library is available for research in the library. However, if there is a question, SFHS volunteers will attempt to do their best in responding to requests, recognizing that we have a limited number of volunteers. There may be an additional cost for handling materials depending upon the situation.

SFHS would like to continue adding materials about Swedish speaking parishes in Finland, along with family histories (preferably in electronic format).

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