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The Swedish Finn Emigration (Migration) Story

A bit of history – there have been several emigration periods from Finland to other parts of the world, starting as early as the 1600s. Most of our focus in the near term is during the ‘Great Emigration’ period of 1870-1930. However, all information is welcome and will be captured. (click to enlarge)

One goal of SFHS is to document all Swedish Finn emigrants, including those who returned to Finland. At this point SFHS has nearly 20,000 names in its data base, however, much of our information is limited. You can help by making sure emigrants from your family are included. Please go to the on-line form and fill in the appropriate information (to the best of your ability). Your information will go directly into the SFHS database.

Emigrant information in the SFHS' DEE -database

  • Click here to review emigrant information already in the SFHS 'Documenting Every Emigrant' Documenting emigrants
  • You can document emigrants from your family and friends here

Emigration periods

Where did Swedish Finns Originate?

Key Communities where Swedish Finns Settled

Organizations Swedish Finns were involved with

Your help is important to fulfill our goal

In order to complete this project and document all emigrants, SFHS will use or link to all known sources of data. To augment this information, descendants of emigrants can help fill in the blanks. We also want to document those individuals who left Finland and returned home at some point in time. Use the emigrant form mentioned above.

Not only do we want to capture information about each emigrant, we also want capture and link written stories, oral history, photographs, genealogy, etc. to make the ‘Emigration Story’ more complete. We are asking members and non-members to submit a ‘1000 word story’ about their families history. These stories and photographs will be linked with the emigrant.
Arlene Sundquist Empie: The Legacy of Ida Lillbroända,Boulder House Publishers, ISBN 978-1-931025-05-8

Thanks for your help!!! We eagerly anticpate meeting our goal of documenting every emigrant.

Potential sources of information

  • View potential sources of information in documenting Swedish Finn emigrants

Examples of telling the Emigration Story

  • While we don’t anticipate everyone can write a family history like the following book, it does serve as an example of documenting your emigrant. This book and many manuscripts in our library and archives can provide examples and help in documenting your emigrant family. This is a well written family history completed in 2010 by an SFHS member and is an interesting book to read for all Swedish Finn descendants.
  • An example of a story published in a Swedish Finn Newspaper
  • An example of a ‘1000 word story’

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