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John Ostergard

Members sometimes inquire if records of their donations are kept. Because SFHS relies on the generosity of our members and others, we want to explain our procedure for cataloging donated items. Every item is assigned an accession number which is: 1) attached to the item itself; 2) entered in a threering binder holding all SFHS gift agreements; and 3) entered by Verna Eriks into the computer database of all SFHS holdings.

Duplicate copies of a gift agreement form describing each donated item, along with a thank you note, is sent to each donor, who is asked to sign and return a copy to SFHS, and keep a copy for their records.

Many of the books we receive are in Swedish and often deal with the history of an area in Finland and the genealogy of its people. Since I have been studying Swedish at the Nordic Heritage Museum, looking through these materials has become much more interesting to me. Recently there have been many books coming in from the areas around Jakobstad, Pedersöre, and Terjärv. Also, SFHS is the repository of all records of the International Order of Runeberg, and we currently have several boxes of their materials to be accessioned, some from the East Coast and three boxes from Skagit County, Washington.

Each year, for the past four years, 70-75 persons or organizations have donated material that has added up to hundreds of individual items of great value to members and outside researchers. On behalf of SFHS, I thank each and every donor for these valuable gifts, and I encourage all members to continue searching their homes for further materials to add to our archives. Template:Quarterly 12-2

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