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The Hägg tree bloomed two weeks early this spring and the white clusters of perfumed blossoms bring Finland to mind. This is probably the reason my father somehow managed to bring back a start about 40 years ago after a trip home to Malax. It’s funny, I still think of Malax as home, even though Don and I are firmly rooted here in Seattle. I think this is why helping people rediscover their family roots in Swedish Finland is so rewarding and why hosting visitors from Finland is such fun for both of us.

We just waved good-bye to Karl- Gustaf “K.G.” Olin from Jakobstad following his two-week research trip. He is grateful to all who helped with his research. Or next visitors are to be the “Kvevlax Spelmansgillet,” nine musicians and their four spouses who plan to perform at Vasa Park on June 13, and in Astoria the following weekend. We look forward to the music and laughter that accompany this special group.

You might think that there are no other Swedish Finns in your area, but there are. Just check the SFHS Membership Roster. Members living in places such as Eugene, Oregon or Birmingham, Alabama could rebuild their Swedish Finn connections with a potluck picnic in a park or even a church basement. Family reunions are an excellent excuse for a potluck Play some recorded Swedish Finn hambos, make sure the coffee is hot, bring old photos, letters, books and/or documents, and FUN happens. Swedish Finns are everywhere

To make sure other Swedish Finns - your cousins - can find you and so that you don’t miss a copy of The Quarterly, the SFHS asks that you make sure we have your correct mailing address, area code, and phone number for our Membership Roster. Unfortunately, the U.S. Postal Services does not forward your newsletter unless you provide us with your new address. They actually throw them away as undeliverable Please forward any address changes and corrections or E-mail addresses to June Smith at the SFHS office or via email to: mailto|juneasmith@msn.com. We are grateful to June for her commitment to maintaining our membership roster, as it is incredibly valuable.

For those of you with Internet access, I encourage you to visit the SFHS website: www.sfhs.eget.net and finlander.eget.net. The Finlander page includes more than a dozen discussion rooms about genealogy, culture, and even “Help,” plus a searchable database of more than 1.3 million Swedish Finn names. Every week we find answers on Finlander to the many queries received at SFHS.

And for those of you who are traveling to Finland, please share your experiences and/or pictures with the SFHS for future editions of The Quarterly. On behalf of the editorial staff and SFHS, we hope you enjoy this edition as much as we have enjoyed compiling it for you.

Syrene Forsman

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