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Getting started with the SFHS -site


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Building blocks

  • built upon the same engine as Wikipedia

Left menu

  • contains the links to the main categories
    • Front page
      • the language select -page (most is in English on this site, some Swedish and even some Finnish.
    • Home Page
      • the real "home page"
    • Recent changes
      • a list of the most recent material or changes on the web site
    • Calendar
      • here you can find information about coming events
    • About SFHS
      • who we are
      • articles describing the organization, with index
    • Membership
      • how to apply for membeship; application forms for printing, PayPal membership payment etc.
    • Donation
      • how to donate funds to the Society
    • Swedish Finns
      • who are they
      • Where? What?
    • Contact Info
      • SFHS contact info, email, addresses and telephone numbers
    • Documenting
      • Documenting all Emigrants - collecting information
    • Finlander Forum
      • direct link to Finlander forum
    • The Talko Project
      • direct link to Talko
    • Links
      • collections of links of interest
    • Help
      • here you may find the index of all the help documents in this SFHS-Wiki. You may suggest other topics to
  • Under the collections heading you can now find two of the largest article collections
    • June Pelo
      • June Pelo's articles transferred from the old site to the new one
    • Quarterly articles
      • articles from old issues

Table of content

  • on every page which has more than three subheadings there will automatically be generated a TOC-table. This element can be hidden or shown according to your preferences.


  • in the left menubar you have the possibility to search for a word or words
  • for every reference to an ISBN number for a book you may search where that book can be obtaines - worldwide and in Finland

What new can we see on this web site

  • easier maintainability, thus we may have more frequent updates of the information on the site
  • articles here can easily be connected/linked to Wikipedia's background information

Can you help us?

Contact if you have material that could be of interest for the SFHS-Wiki

--Hasse N. 17:18, 23 November 2009 (UTC)

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