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Talko: This is a tool developed to help people search and document their family history put together by one of our board members in Helsingfors.

In his words: Talko is a genealogy project put together some years ago. In a way I saw that many sat in their chambers back home collecting their genealogies. Of course since many have the same forefathers it felt natural that they should join forces. The talko project database is the result.

Talko or talkoo is a word that describes the joint voluntary work that people do to help each other when building a house or whatever here in Finland - ok, I should say "used to be" since talko is not that common anymore. Talko/talkoo was common all around Finland, both among Finnish and Swedish speakers.

I set up a database and invited genealogy friends to join. Those who contribute to the common good, to the database, get access and can search and view the material. Others not. The whole thing is non commercial and put together in my spare time. The building blocks are gedcom documents sent in by people like you - people in the US, Canada, Finland, Sweden, ... At the moment we have some 1.6 million records (or pedigrees), most of them already on-line. A lot of these are Ostrobothnia related since I started with my "Ostrobothnia friends" but there are individuals from all over. All genealogies however must be connected to Finland.

It is easy to join. Export your research into a gedcom file and send it by email to me (hasse.nygard@e-brev.nu) and you will get the instruction and a username/password in return. Choose the options Gedcom 5.5, ANSI or Windows coded. Include references.

Alive persons with a birth year information will not be shown on-line since the database can, using the birth year information, figure out that the person is probably alive and only show initials of the given names and the surname - all other information is left out. However a living person without birth year will show!!”

I encourage our SFHS members with a Swedish Finn heritage to submit their gedcom files to include in our Talko data base.

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