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Lodge 52: Mississippidalens Ros


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In the yearbook Svensk Finska Nykterhets Förbundet af Amerika i Ord och Bild (the Swedish Finn Temperance Association of America) a publication summarizing the activities of Svenska-Finska Nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika published in 1908, Lodge 52 is listed as being located in Waldeck, Minnesota. In the association's Minnesskrift 1902-1917 (p. 81, 83), Lodge 52 is listed as being located in Palisade, Minnesota. By 1968, when the Order of Runeberg published its Memorabilia about temperance and sick benefit activities among Swedish Finns spanning over 70 years, Lodge 52 is no longer active.

The membership list (see table below) is a good illustration of chain migration: more and more persons from one location in Finland, in this case, Gamlakarleby, move to join a successful countryman who has written XX letters home, and even perhaps sent along tickets to the USA. It would be interesting to seek out families of those original members, to at least discover their destinies. They had organized the lodge on April 30, 1907 with 18 members. The highest number of members had been 70.

From the 1908 publication, p.108, we learn that Arthur Dahlquist, a member of Ljusstrålen in West Duluth, founded Lodge 52 in 1907. The membership at that time had 13 adults and 5 "underage." That was, in truth, a good beginning if you take into consideration all those obstacles which lie in the road of such an activity, here in the socalled wilderness.

"One of the greatest hindrances for a social organization here is that the place is so scarcely populated and the roads, especially in summer, are nearly impassable. But despite everything, this association got started and has made pretty good progress. Presently (1908) there are …24 adults and 11 children…

The association's present [1908] officers are: president John Jackson; vice president, Thure Dahlquist; financial secretary, Werner Dahlquist; treasurer, Hugo Kulhem; secretary, Birger Jacobson; vice secretary, John Johnson; marshal, Mrs. Edith Beck; vice marshall, Elis Kulhem; guard, John Kulhem."

Membership list

(Mrs.) Alina Anderson, Närvilä, Gamlakarleby
Roy Anderson (son of Alina)
Carl Beck, Palo, Gamlakarleby
(Mrs.) Edith Beck (Edith S. Dahlquist), Såka, Gamlakarleby
(Mrs.) Elna Beck (Elna Salmila), Kirilaks, Gamlakarleby
Ernst Beck, Kronoby
John Beck, Kronoby
Olof Beck, Palo, Gamlakarleby
Arthur Carlson, born Aitkin Co., Minnesota
Carl Rafael Carlson (Skrabb), Helsingfors city
Elvira Carlson, daughter of William & Regina
Fanny Carlson (Skrabb), Helsingfors city
Jennie Carlson, born Aitkin Co., Minnesota
Jenny Carlson (Skrabb), Helsingfors city
(Mrs.) Regina Carlson (Regina Korin), Såka, Gamlakarleby
Rudolph Carlson, born Aitkin Co., Minnesota
William Carlson (Wilhelm Skrabb), Såka, Gamlakarleby
Georg Dahlquist, Storby, Gamlakarleby
(Mrs.) Maria Dahlquist (Maria Johansdotter Kåla), Kirilaks, Gamlakarleby
Werner Dahlquist, Såka, Gamlakarleby
Fanny Gustafson (Fanny Merkibacka), Nedervetil
Otto Gustafson (Otto Kanko), Korplaks, Gamlakarleby
Edmund Höglund, Gamlakarleby city
Matts Höglund, Gamlakarleby city
Signe Holmes, Kallis, Gamlakarleby
(Mrs.) Eva Holmqvist (Eva Höglund), Gamlakarleby city
Herman Holmqvist, Närvila, Gamlakarleby
Birger Jackobson, Såka, Gamlakarleby
Albert Jackson (son of Andrew & Sofia)
Andrew Jackson (Anders Jakobson), Wittsar, Gamlakarleby
Arthur Jackson (son of Andrew & Sofia)
Elvira Jackson (daughter of Otto)
(Mrs.) Hilma Sofia Jackson (Hilma Sofia Koski), Linnusperä, Gamlakarleby
John Jackson (Johan Jakobson), born in the village of Wittsar, parish of Gamlakarleby
Otto Alex Jackson (Otto Alexander Jakobson), Wittsar, Gamlakarleby
Runnar Jackson (son of Otto)
(Mrs.) Sofia Jackson (Sofia Indola), Linnusperä, Gamlakarleby
Emil Jacobson (Emil Huhta), Nervil, Gamlakarleby
Uno Jacobson, Såka, Gamlakarleby
Hilda Johanson (Hilda Merkibacka), Nedervetil
(Mrs.) Alina Johnson (Alina Tylin), Kirilaks, Gamlakarleby
Elis Johnson (Eliel Merkibacka), Nedervetil
Herman Johnson (Herman Merkibacka), Nedervetil
John A. Johnson (Johan A. Koski), Linnusperä, Gamlakarleby
John V. Johnson (Johan Viktor Merkibacka), Nedervetil
Enoch Kullhem, Såka, Gamlakarleby
Elis Kullhem, Såka, Gamlakarleby
Evert Kullhem, Såka, Gamlakarleby
Hugo Kullhem, Såka, Gamlakarleby
(Mrs.) Irene Kullhem (Irene Söderholm), Kronoby
John Kullhem, Såka, Gamlakarleby
Uno Kulhem, Såka, Gamlakarleby
Edmund Lund, Kallis, Gamlakarleby
Walter Lund, Kallis, Gamlakarleby
Ernest Pasell, Superior, Wisconsin
Hugo Renquist, Kallis, Gamlakarleby
Emma Semell, Kallis, Gamlakarleby
John Semell, Kallis, Gamlakarleby
Lee Wickstrom, Kallis, Gamlakarleby
Nimi Wickstrom, Kallis, Gamlakarleby
Georg Williamson, Duluth, Minnesota
Archie Wold, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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