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Material submissions to The Quarterly


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Instructions for submissions of articles and photographic material intended for the Quarterly


We welcome your articles but reserve the right to revise them to meet our content and space requirements. We will send you writer’s guidelines if you send us a SASE. Please send your article ideas to editor Gunnar Damström at the SFHS offices or email to bergvik(at)msn.com


Queries for help with genealogical research, identification of people in photos, finding living relatives, etc., are free; donations are welcome. Print or type queries (include your name and address). Email to sfhs[at]qwestoffice.net. Type “Quarterly Query” in the subject line. Or, mail to SFHS, 1920 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109


Please send original photos, high quality photocopies, or 300 dpi scans in TIF or JPG format on disk or by E-mail. Please do not embed photos in articles. Send a SASE for return of photos or disk. Mail to Rikki Nyman at SFHS offices, or Email to: rikki[at]rikkinyman.com.

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