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The Swedish Finn Historical Society is a non-profit organization (IRS 501C3 Classification) and relies on material and monetary donations for much of its operation. The Society continues to seek and collect donations of materials documenting it’s heritage. We are building a collection of books, letters, family records, newspapers and articles, photos etc. Items that may be considered insignificant by some may be of great importance and value to the Society. All donations are welcomed at the Society office located at SFHS, 1920 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109. Location and contact info here.

Membership in the Swedish Finn Historical Society is open to all persons interested in the preservation of Swedish Finn heritage. Annual dues are as follows for the following membership categories:

$ 25.00
Senior (65+)/Student
$ 20.00
$ 30.00
$ 50.00
Business Sponsor
$ 100.00
$ 500.00

European members: Aktia Bank, Östra Centrum, Helsingfors account number: 405500-1489157; IBAN account number FI9240550010489157

Dues include the SFHS Quarterly. One publication per address. Members living in Canada must add $5.00 for postage and $8.00 overseas except Finland.

Download the application form in Acrobat pdf here.

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