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Obituary - Per-Erik Levlin


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Per-Erik Levlin grew up and attended school in Vasa where his grandfather owned real estate. Summers he spent at the Levälä farm in Ytterjeppo. He belonged to a generation of young men who sacrificed many of their best years in the war; however, he took his high school finals on the frontier and matriculated for the university in 1944. After the war he was accepted into the chemical-technical department at Åbo Akademi.

Per-Erik had three siblings: Eugen (1907-1977), Leopold (1914-1955) and Estelia (1909-1985). In 1948 he married Vivi Lundman from Korsholm. Their twins Erik and Olof were born February 9, 1951.

In the early 1950s young engineers struggled to find employment in Finland, therefore the family immigrated to Sweden. Per-Erik’s first position was with the Linköping sugar mills. Later he was employed with Svedia Dental Industries in Enköping and the Luma lamp factory. During his time at Luma the family moved to Huddinge. He was last employed with ASSI, the State forest industry research laboratory at Djursholm, Danderyd. In1971 the family moved to a townhouse in Sollentuna, and in 1980, Per-Erik retired.

Following his retirement Per-Erik dedicated his time to family research. Per-Erik and his brother Eugen had previously begun this effort. He became a full-time genealogist, which he continued into the new millennium as long as his health permitted. He was passionate about the research of the Levälä family.

At a time when computers were not available to laymen, Per-Erik collected information from archives and church records which he manually compiled into a five volume genealogy, “Levälä Släkten”. This is an almost complete genealogy of the descendants of David Eriksson Levälä (1704-1780).

Per –Erik was the founder of the Levälä family society, which was formed during the large family gathering in Nykarleby in the summer of 1979.

Per-Erik Levin is remembered as a gentle, reticent man who devoted all his energy to research into the Levälä family.

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