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Rules for the Suku Forum


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The aim of these rules is to create order and a comfortable atmosphere for the discussion.

  1. Suku Forum is a discussion forum supported by The Genealogic Society of Finland. The forum is free and open for all interested. Topics on the forum shall one way or another pertain to genealogy or subjects closely related. Discussion shall be on-topic and respectful. Warm humour will be acceptable. Unlawful, offending, threatening and distasteful phrases and messages are forbidden.
  2. Persons alive shall be excluded from the Suku Forum topics (notwithstanding references etc). Delicate matters as stated in Finland´s publicity legislation shall not be discussed unless one hundred years have passed since the death of the person in question. Contact information of another party must not be published without an explicit authorization by that person.
  3. It is acceptable to publish commercial information on the Suku Forum, but it has to be agreed upon aforehand with the Manager of The Genealogic Society of Finland. Mainly, there is a fee for publishing commercial information. Yet genealogic societies and family societies may on their respective subforums publish free such commercial information, which is closely tied to their own activities.
  4. Anybody can read the forum messages freely, but only registered members can post messages. In the registration process the person is requested to apply the following information::
    1. proper name (first name and surname) and
    2. a functioning e-mail address, through which the member can be contacted by the forum maintenance. This address will be available to the maintenance only.
  5. All discussion on the Suku Forum shall be conducted using proper names. A member may use his/her proper name as the forum User Name. The User Name is public and automatically connected to each message posted. A member may also define an automatic signature for the messages. The member´s proper name as given in the registration process will be available for other forum members in the so called profile information, but it is not available to non-members reading messages. Thus it is possible for a forum member to verify the proper name of the author of each message, even if the proper name is not available in the User Name or the signature.
  6. The forum has an administrator who is authorized and responsible for supervising the discussion. Moreover there are moderators who assist the administrator. The moderators are accountable to the administrator only. Members of The Genealogical Society of Finland may address their complaints about the administrator's decisions to the Executive Manager of The Society.
  7. The administrator and moderators may react to rule violations in different ways. Unlawful and otherwise extreme messages will be removed without notice. Authors will be reminded of foul language. Uncalled for messages will be removed to a specified subforum. In extreme cases a member repeatedly and prominently violating the rules may be banned from the forum.
  8. Forum members may report uncalled for messages directly to the administrator.
  9. A member posting a message on the Suku Forum thereby grants the publishing privilege of the message to The Genealogic Society of Finland. Therefore the author cannot onesidedly remove the message from the Suku Forum. The author may send a motivated request to the administrator for the removal of the message. The administrator will use his consideration on the matter. The copy right as well as the juridical responsibility for the contents of the message remain with the original author.
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