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Swedish-Finn Parishes and Villages

The Swedish-Finn Historical Society? What do we do?


The Swedish Finn Historical Society (SFHS) was founded in 1991 by descendants of Swedish-speaking emigrants from Finland interested in preserving the cultural heritage of their families. There are now about 700 members from around the world in this unique organization.

SFHS Mission (Building Bridges)

To gather and preserve the emigration history of Swedish Finns across the world, to connect Swedish Finns to their roots in Finland and to honor our cultural heritage.

What SFHS Offers

  • Archives (Historical materials about Swedish Finn emigration, books, artifacts, newspapers, tapes and video recordings; International Order of Runeberg Lodge records; Genelogical data; Exhibits)
  • Genealogy/Family History (Search for lost families, Queries in the Quarterly, Translations, Finlander discussion forum, Talko (over 1.7 million names)
  • The Quarterly (Articles about Finland's culture and history, Emmigrant history across the world from diaries, letters; Family trees from genelogy collection; Letters to the editor; Membership updates, New accessions to the Library and Archives
  • SFHS Web Site (Access to key information; Links; Articles; Message board)
  • Connection with Others (FinnFest; Annual Meeting; Membership Roster)

SFHS Vision

  • To pursue permanent documentation of the Swedish Finn emigration (migration) experience, including information about where Swedish Finns settled and where they came from in Finland.
  • To develop resources for connecting Swedish Finn families worldwide
  • To collect and archive materials pertaining to Swedish Finn emigrants
  • To share past and contemporary Swedish Finn history, including our heritage and culture, with members and others
  • To reinforce our Swedish Finn heritage wherever descendants are located
  • To keep Finland aware of Swedish Finn emigrants
  • To be recognized as one of the pre-eminent sources of Swedish Finn emigrant history and have people utilize SFHS archived materials for research purposes
  • To collaborate with other genelogical and cultural groups
  • To have 2,000 members
  • To have 100 active volunteers

SFHS Improvement Strategies (2011-2016)

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  1. Communications: Communicate and share information widely; grow and diversify the organization using the internet and other electronic toos to distribute information and work assignments.
  2. Library and Archives: Signifcantly improve the use and understanding of what is available in the library and archives.
  3. The Swedish Finn Emigration Story: Pursue permanent documentation of the Swedish Finn emigration (migration) experience worldwide.
  4. Membership: Add value for current members and pursue new members.

Our Values

  • Our Swedish Finn heritage and its unique ethnic and cultural background
  • The members who support SFHS
  • The volunteers who carry out the mission and vision of SFHS
  • The sharing of knowledge and information
  • The information, materials and funds that people donate to SFHS

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