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Swedish Finn Folk Music On The Web


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Gunnar Damström

Getting acquainted with Swedish Finn folk music is a must for anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of Swedish Finn culture and tradition. The Internet provides an entrance to this world.

Finland Svenska Spelmansförbund (the Swedish Finn musicians' association) has a website featuring a list of Swedish Finn folk music groups at - see Finland Svenska Spelmansförbund. As of 2003, there were 49 active Swedish Finn folk music bands, including several band-sponsored websites providing information about CD's available for purchase.

Finland Svenska Sång och Musikförbund (Swedish Finn Song and Music Society) has more than 15,000 members Their website provides links to FSSM member choruses with a large selection of arrangements for choruses.

Finland Svenska Folkmusikinstitut FMI has a website, written in Swedish. It has a page “publikationer” (publications). Near the end of this page is a list of tapes and CDs available for purchase, including Föregångare, featuring a great collection of Swedish Finn folk music. The Swedish National Radio recorded Föregångare 1957-1962. Det kom ett folk från skären features folk music from the Åland Islands. Sol över backen features folk songs arranged for mixed chorus by legendary Otto Anderson. Jepokryddona features folk music from Jeppo. Jepokryddona has a website. The group has toured North America twice in recent years. Their CD is offered for sale by FMI and Finnish Designs at their website. At the Finnish Designs website are samples of music available on CD.

Ostrobothnian fiddlers, in particular Josef Krokbäck from Penik, are featured on the page, written by Harri Blomberg. Tjöck spelmanslag is featured on this page. These last two websites are written in Swedish. Template:Quarterly 12-2

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